KS1 Year 2 SATs

Information about Key Stage 1 Year 2 SATs


Key Stage 1 SATs

The SATs (Standard Assessment Tasks) are a statutory requirement used to assess children at the end of Key Stage 1. Teacher assessment is used to report children’s attainment and progress to parents. Teachers will use the key stage 1 test results to help them to reach an overall judgement of the standards children have reached in reading, writing and mathematics. Parents will receive their child’s results by the end of the summer term. KS1 statutory assessments take place within the month of May.


The Statutory Assessment Standards are:

  • Pre-Key stage 1 standards ranging from 1-4 ( Pre-key stage 1 standards must be used for statutory assessment of pupils at the end of KS1 who are working below the overall standard of national curriculum assessments.)
  • Working towards the expected standard.
  • Working at the expected standard.
  • Working at a higher level within the expected standard (for Maths and Reading); working at greater depth within the expected standard (for Writing)

Children are assessed in Reading and Mathematics.  Attainment statements are given in relation to End of Year Expectations.


Year 2 Mathematics SATs

The mathematics test comprises of two components, which are presented to pupils as two separate test papers. The first paper is an arithmetic paper, the second paper presents a range of mathematical reasoning and problem-solving questions.


Year 2 English SATs

Reading comprises of 2 papers:

  • Short text and questions.
  • Longer text with separate questions.



The children’s writing is assessed continually throughout the year. Teacher’s judgements are moderated internally, within our school partnership and can be externally moderated by Wandsworth.

To avoid unnecessary stress and pressure to the children, we do not refer to the SATs as tests. Throughout the year the children are familiarised with assessment questions as part of their everyday learning, they are therefore confident undertaking the assessments during the summer term. ​