School Term Times and Dates

School Day

There are staggered start times across the different phases of the school. Pupils will be admitted via various gates (as below). School will start promptly: 8:55am for Nursery, 9:05am for Reception and 9:00am for all other classes. Pupils arriving after the start of the school day are regarded as late. If the gates are closed pupils (accompanied by a parent) should enter via the main entrance on Este Road to sign in using the electronic system.

If a child is unwell and unable to attend school we ask parents to call or email the school office to report the absence and give a reason.

School finishes at 3:30pm for all classes (times differ for part time nursery pupils.)  If you arrange for someone to collect your child instead of you it is important that you tell the school beforehand (please see Child Collection Policy). Children should attend school regularly, be on time and collected promptly. Lateness and absence can have a negative impact on learning.




School Clubs

There are a number of clubs and activities that start before and after school with varying start and finish times. Please see individual club times for drop off and collection times. Children are not allowed on site before school unless they are attending a morning club. Clubs do not run in the first and last week of a term.



As a parent of a pupil attending this school, if you require a paper copy of the information on this website, please contact the school office.