End of KS2 Assessments (Year 6 SATs)

If you have a child in Year 6, they will take statutory end of Key Stage 2 tests in English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling, and mathematics.

These tests are both set and marked externally, and the results are used to measure the school’s performance and produce national performance data. They also help measure the progress pupils have made and identify if they need additional support in a certain area.


End of Key Stage 2 Reading

The reading test is a single paper with questions based on three passages of text. Your child will have one hour, including reading time, to complete the test.


End of Key Stage 2 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test

The Test consists of 2 parts:

  • Grammar and Punctuation paper requiring short answers, lasting 45 minutes.
  • An Auditory Spelling test of 20 words, lasting around 20 minutes.


End of Key Stage 2 Maths

Children sit 3 papers in Maths:

  • Paper 1: Arithmetic, 30 minutes.
  • Papers 2 and 3: Reasoning, 40 minutes per paper.

The Year 6 End of KS2 SATs tests will be administered in the week commencing 9th May 2022.


The 2022 SATs Schedule


How will the end of Key Stage 2 SATs be marked?

Each child will receive a raw score (the actual number of marks they get), alongside their scaled score and whether they have reached the expected standard set by the Department for Education.


The range of Scaled Scores available for each KS2 Test is:

  • 80 (the lowest scaled score that can be awarded)
  • 120 (the highest scaled score)

The expected standard for each test is a scaled score of 100 or more. If a child is awarded a scaled score of 99 or less, they will not have met the expected standard for the test.


End of Key Stage 2 Writing

As there is no test for English writing, this will be reported as a Teacher Assessment Judgement.

The Statutory Teacher Assessment Judgements for Writing are:

  • Pre-Key Stage 2 standards -ranging from 1-6 ( Pre-Key Stage 2 standards must be used for statutory assessment of pupils at the end of KS2 who are working below the overall standard of national curriculum assessments.)
  • Working towards the expected standard.
  • Working at the expected standard.
  • Working at greater depth within the expected standard.

This is a judgement teachers will make, based on your child’s work at the end of Key Stage 2.

Writing is assessed across the year in a range of genres and an overall standard is awarded by the class teacher at the end of the school year. Teacher’s judgements are moderated internally, within our school partnership and can be externally moderated by Wandsworth.


End of Key Stage 2 Science

Your child will also receive an End of Key Stage Statutory Assessment for Science at the end of Year 6.

The Statutory Teacher Assessment Judgements for Science are:

  • Working at the expected standard.
  • Has not met the expected standard.