School Meals

School Meals at Sacred Heart Primary School:

School meEdwards ward logoals are provided by Edwards & Ward  who provide meals that meet the nutritional needs of children at a sympathetic price.  There are menus available at request within the school.

School meals are paid in advance for the half term and the cost will vary depending on the length of the half term.  Please note that it is school policy that nursery children have school dinners and not packed lunch.  Free school meals require approval via the council that they are eligible. Relevant free school meal forms can be collected from the school office.  Non nursery school children are allowed to bring their own packed lunch which must adhere to school nutritional guidelines. Those with packed lunch may not switch half way through the half term for school meals and vice-versa.

*Please also note, that as of September 2014 all Reception and KS1 children are eligible for free school meals.  Please speak to the school office for more details.