School Journeys at Sacred Heart Primary School


Trips and Visits:

We fully use our privilege of having on the doorstep one of the world’s great capital cities. Pupils enjoy regular day trips to London’s art galleries, theaters, parks, museums and historic locations.

From the age of nine, pupils venture further afield on 2 residential trips.

Parent Helper Guidance Trips 2019

In July 2019 Year 6 managed to escape the hustle and bustle of Battersea for 5 whole days, for some well-deserved R&R following their Sats tests. JCA Mill Rythe is a purpose built activity centre  by the coast, in Hayling Island, Hampshire. It is JCA’s flagship site and offers a wealth of activities and interests for the children, including climbing, abseiling, kayaking, high ropes, swimming and beach walks. We were absolutely blessed with glorious sunshine all week (with temperatures around  80 degrees F every day) and the children had an absolutely fabulous time, enjoying the many water-based activities, stepping out of their comfort zones (with multiple challenges), building their independence and further nurturing their friendships. Take a look at the photos recording the special memories that were made-they speak for themselves!

In November 2019 Year 5 experienced an outdoor environmental week in the Surrey countryside at Sayers Croft and in Year 6 they look forward to a post SATs week in an adventure centre run by In2action.

We are proud of the fact that we are one of the few state schools that still run two school journeys. This is down to the dedication of the staff, the importance and value parent attach to these experiences not to mention the testimonials of the children.

Time Table:

A sample itinerary of the activities on offer at Mill Rythe, Hayling Island (Year 6 School Journey)

Year 5 Sayers Croft Time Table 26-30 Nov. 2019


Year 6 Photos from Hayling Island July 2019

Year 5 Photos from Sayers Croft Nov. 2019

Children’s Testimonials:

When I went to Sayers Croft, it was the best time. My favourite thing was 5P’s Got Talent. It was so funny. I wish I had stayed there for 2 weeks. What I found most challenging was the caving because you had to go up, down and go in curves. My favourite night time activity was the campfire because you got to eat marshmallows. It was delicious! By Aislinne, Year 5

Sayers Croft was the best experience. My favourite activity was archery because I could learn a new skill, something that I had never done before. Instead of a week I wanted it to be of two weeks. I thought caving was the most challenging because someone in our group got stuck in a tunnel for ten minutes. By Daphne, Year 5

Sayers Croft was very comfortable, fun and less polluted. My favourite activity was the caving and archery. My best night activity was the night walk, although my classmates scared me with an imaginary creature called Tagus. Sayers croft was fun it was full of nature and we ate marshmallows. The games made us laugh. I felt good especially on the 11 mile tall PITCH HILL walk. By John A, Year 5

I felt amazing when I went to Sayers Croft. I really enjoyed the disco, it was one of my favourite activities at Sayers Croft. The ropes challenge was the best! It was a bit challenging in some ways, but I had lots of fun. There was a campfire with delicious marshmallows, a talent show where we got to see our fantastic talents and also a night walk. By Candela, Year 5

The day time activity I enjoyed was archery, because I think it made my aiming better and the most challenging was the ropes course, because I fell off one part, but it was really fun as well. The night time activity I enjoyed was the wood compass, because I now know how to use a compass and it was a bit of a challenge and I like challenges. Next time I would change nothing, because it was better than I thought it would be. By Stephanos, Year 5

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