School day & term times

School Term Times & Opening Hours
The playground is open from 8.50am and children should be in the playground before the first bell goes at 8.55am.   School starts at 9.00am, when the second bell rings. Parents leave their children to come in on their own with their class teacher, apart from nursery children. Children must be brought and collected on time. If you arrange for someone to collect your child instead of you it is important that you tell the school.  There are a number of clubs and activities that start before and after school including a breakfast club, after school club, sports clubs etc all with various start and finishing times.  Children are not allowed in school before the gates are open unless they are attending a morning club.

Our School Day
The school day starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.30pm.  Teachers will be at their door at 8.55am. Please use this time to pass on any messages.
School Holiday Dates:
Holiday Dates 2017-18